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Administration/Reception: +61 (2) 9560 7566 Pressing/PSA: +61 (2) 9560 7566

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Administration/Reception: +61 (2) 9560 7566
Pressing/PSA: +61 (2) 9560 7566

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P.O. Box 311 Ingleburn NSW 1890

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Welcome to

Roblan’s website

We invite you to learn about our company, employees and the comprehensive quality services and resources we can offer.


Tom Peninton

Managing Director

About Us

The business commenced over 50 years ago as craftsman in the Toolmaking Industry. We founded and committed the business operation to the principle of “Engineering Excellence” excelling in close tolerance Plastic Mould and Metal Stamping Die Manufacture. Today the Company has expanded it’s operations to include custom and corporate part manufactures in:

  • Plastic Injection Moulding

  • Metal Stamping

  • Toolmaking and die maintenance

Roblan also procure and distribute a worldwide quality range of:
  • Metal Presses

  • Material Handling Equipment, and

  • An extensive variety of Tooling Components


Meet Our Staff

We are an Austalian Company with management who operate in a culture of continual Improvement, customer service and just-in-time delivery.

We appreciate and thank you for your interest in Roblan Pty Limited. Should you require any further information, sales quote, or sales enquiry, please contact one of our Sales team or managers per their address shown on the web.

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Roblan Divisions.

Plastic Inection Moulding
Metal Stamping & Equipment Engineering Components
Plastic Containers
Plastic Fasteners