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Administration/Reception: +61 (2) 9560 7566
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Plastic Injection Moulding

Roblan Plastic Moulding Division is an Australian Manufacturer.

We offer reliable service to all industries.

We can provide Injection to 650 tonne capacity

Most types of material processed:
  • Thermoplastics
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyethylene
  • & most engineering plastics

Roblan’s Plastic Injection Moulding Division is committed to investment in advanced moulding technologies that maximize production efficiencies to our customers. These technologies lead to reduced overall product costs and on-time delivery of product to our customers.

Quality is the foundation of our business, which is why Roblan has developed an infrastructure that our customers can rely on. Roblan has a proactive approach to quality in each of the following key areas.

Our new factory premises at Ingleburn now provides three factory units on one site:

* Injection Moulding equipped with robotics

* Metal Stamping including transfer technology

* Toolmaking and

* Distribution of Stamping Presses & Equipment

Engel 175 Tonne injection Press


Plastic Injection Factory at Ingleburn.


Investment In Technology

As a private company, Roblan manages it’s business for the long term and consistently invests in quality-critical technology to improve process stability and quality.

Process Control

Through adherence to robust tooling standards, we maintain an industry leading approach to scientific moulding, and adoption of automation that further drives the process to achieve six Sigma quality levels.

Job Skill Training

Roblan invests heavily in work force training, which focuses on quality, technology, customer requirements and manufacturing techniques.

Problem Solving

Roblan utilizes 8D technics with corrective action reporting to continually improve our customer service and quality.

Engel 250 Tonne Injection Press