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                              Roblan Pty Limited History

1945  Upon completion of his toolmaking apprenticeship with British Novelties David Robertson founded his own toolmaking business.
Moulded Plasticsalso commenced trading. Its founder was Alfred Willis, an industrial chemist and a founding member of Australia's first Plastics Institute.
Until 1962 Moulding Plastics operated from Camperdown, an inner western suburb of Sydney, not far from the Toolmaking and Metal Stamping business at Leichhardt.                              

1946 Evan (Darkie) Morris started with Moulded Plastics, on 3rd March, he became Production Foreman, under Alfred Willis.
"Darkie" worked as Production Manager of the Roblan Moulding Division till his retirement on 6th July 1984.

1947 Robertson and Lansley Pty Limited was incorporated on 26th June as Toolmakers.
With the help of John Lansley, Harry Butler and Ken Roberts, the company began metal stamping, and was soon manufacturing electrical assemblies, battery chargers, rectifiers, metal toys and midget radio tuning gangs 

1951 Ken Toulmin joined Robertson and Lansley Pty Limited on 5th February. Ken was Chairman of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers and Roblan's senior tool designer.          

1955 Jack McParland joined Robertson and Lansley Pty Limited on 5th February. Jack was the General Manager and Finance Director of Roblan till his retirement on 15th July 1988    

1956 Robertson and Lansley Pty Limited amalgamated with Moulded Plastics, and diversified into plastic moulding manufacture.                              

1957 Ken Arthur joined Robertson and Lansley Pty Limited on 1st September as a Toolmaker. He later became Moulding Division Manager and a Company Director with Roblan Pty Ltd . Ken is a Past Chairman of the Moulders Committee (Plastics Institute of Australia).                               

1959 Roblan Holdings Pty Limited was incorporated on 6th April.                         

1961 David Robertson and Harry Butler travelled overseas to investigate recent developments in Toolmaking machinery, Metal Stamping technology and apprenticeship selection and training.
A distribution agency was established with Dayton Progress, as both Dave and Harry envisioned the application that the advancements in metal punch technology could have in the Australian Toolmaking industry.
Roblan became the first foreign member of The National Tool Die & Precision Tooling Association of USA.                        

1967  RPC Pty Ltd (trading as Roblan Precision Components) was incorporated on 10th October, 1967.
To enable this expansion Robertson and Lansley Pty Limited purchased land in Leichhardt.                         

1968  Roblan pioneered the use of N.C. (numerical control) machinery in Australian toolrooms.

Towards the end of the year Robertson and Lansley Pty Limited erected its 34,000 sq. ft. (3,160 sq. m.) manufacturing premises at 233 Catherine Street, Leichhardt.

On 30th December Jim MacDonald started as an apprentice toolmaker.                           

1969 Tom Peninton started as a Trainee Accountant, with Roblan Pty Limited, on 3rd March.                   

1974  On 12th August, RPC Pty Ltd changed its name to Roblan Pty Limited

1975  Roblan introduced robots and automation to its plastic moulding manufacture.
Eric Martin started as an Apprentice Toolmaker, on 3rd March.           

1979  The Accessories Division (Tooling & Machine Components) was formed, as the demand for high quality interchangeable tooling components became more widespread in Australia     

1986  On 3rd November, Laszlo Magyar started as the Plastic Moulding Production Manager with Roblan Pty Limited on 3rd March                   

1994 Roblan's Quality Management System was certification to AS/NZSISO9002                

1998 Roblan's Quality Management System received certification to QS-9000 in February.
The Metal Pressing Division was relocated to Ingleburn, to allow for expansion of the Moulding Division. The relocation included the installation of a Transfer Press Line of four 260 tonne presses.                         

2006 Roblan's Quality Management System received certification to ISO/TS 16949 for the Metal Pressing Division.

2007 Roblan purchased the business assets and trading name of Press Shop Automation - PSA.
The operation was moved from Foundry Road, Seven Hills to Heald Road, Ingleburn.            

2009 On 25th May, Roblan Pty Limited purchased the business assets of Patina Plastics with the range on corporate products including Bowls. Hangers, Handles, Hooks and Fasteners.           

2011  Roblan's PSA Divison moved to new premises at 1A Capital Court Braeside, Victoria, on 15th January                 

2013  In January 2013, Roblan’s Plastic Injection Moulding Machines were upgraded with the latest Sepro Robotic Technology.              

2015  In October 2015, Roblan’s PSA and Tooling Divisions were relocated to 19 Broadhurst Road. Adjacent to the Press Shop at 17 Broadhurst Road.                 

2017  The Chairman and Founder or Roblan Pty Limited David Sharpe Robertson past away in September.

Tom Peninton was appointed the Roblan Board of Directors Chairman in November.

2020  In June 2020 Apex Building Services completed the Roblan Plastic Moulding Factory  at 19b Broadhurst Road Ingleburn                      

In September 2020 Eric Martin retired as Managing Director, he continued the be a member of the Board of Directors.

 Robertson & Lansley Pty Ltd sold the Leichhardt Factory and Premises and in October 2020 the Moulding and Administration Divisions moved to  the new premises at Ingleburn.

Tom Peninton was appointed Managing Director of Roblan Pty Limited in November 2020


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