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Administration/Reception: +61 (2) 9560 7566
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Roblan Tooling Division operates from our  Ingleburn site.

Servicing both Plastic Injection Moulding and Metal Stamping at Ingleburn. 

Roblan's skilled Toolmakers and Engineers specialize in developing, manufacturing and maintaining Metal Stamping Dies and Plastic Injection Moulds.

Roblan's Tooling Division facilities include:


Cylindrical Jig Grinders,



C.N.C. Machining Centers,

Wire Cutting,

Co-Ordinate Measuring Machines

Plus a wide range of general Tooling Equipment.

The Division has design capabilities, CAD software systems and equipment to assist customers with tooling design consultations,

Roblan can review, consider and communicate suggestion on component design drawings with customers, Roblan will confirm specification, drawing and engineering capabilities prior to any tool making activities commencing.